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The USA was the first country, where gambler got an opportunity to play roulette from home or their mobile phone. However, the situation today is a bit complicated in America because of the peculiarities of legislation in this sphere. Many people even believe that it is illegal to gamble online in our country, but it is an absolutely wrong opinion. The law doesn’t prohibit the activity of online casinos in general. It only lays some restrictions, concerning the choice of online casinos and payment systems, available there. However, if you want to start playing games in top online casinos for USA players, you may do it right now with the help of the site Online Casino is the best choice for U.S. gamblers both for beginners and experienced ones. It is an excellent guide, which will help you to play online casino games without any difficulties and possible problems, connected with the legislation. Join us right now!

What information will be useful for beginners?

First of all, beginners should open the section “Online Casino for Beginners”, where they will find the information how to choose an honest online casino with is the place for best online blackjack for money, which accepts deposits from U.S. players. It is a very important step, as U.S players should be especially careful with the choice. This section tells you how to avoid all possible risks and to make the right choice with a great variety of games and bonuses. All tips will help a lot, as today the number of online casinos is growing with really fast tempos.

The next step beginners should do is to read everything about ways to deposit money to the account in the section “Deposit Methods”. It is really important for everyone, as some methods are rejected in online casinos in the USA. So it’s better to find beforehand what ways you may choose to avoid unpleasant mistakes. Our site will help you to do it!

What will be interesting not only for beginners, but also for experienced players?

“Online Casino Games” section is worth reading. Here there is an information about all online casino games, their rules, strategies, winning tips and other secrets of gambling process. What types of slots can be found in US online casinos? What are the rules of blackjack game? How is it possible to hit the jackpot? All answers to these questions are in this section! Read it and apply in practice!

And one more section at our site is “Online Casino Bonuses”. Many players like to get gifts from online gambling sites and use their money to play. So the articles in this section will tell you how to do it and how to get profit from it. The secrets of cashing out and some tips for bonus hunters wait for you! Learn everything about deposit and no deposit casino bonuses, comp points and other presents with our help!

In addition, you will find a lot about gambling addiction and the ways to avoid it, about the tournaments in the U.S. online casinos, where you will demonstrate skills and abilities, and about other peculiarities of gambling process in general!

Learn how to play 21 card game with If you read the articles there, you will know everything about U.S. online casinos, will learn a lot about their history and even get the information, what companies were the pioneers in the sphere of inventing the first online casino! Stay with us and win!

Sequels for online casino slots

Many software providers release sequels to online casino slots to cash in on their popularity. It’s a good step to draw attention of casino players and be on the top of popularity. Generally, sequels have the same plot and the same main symbols or, in other words, characters at the reels. However, there is usually a different plot, graphics, and technical characteristics may also differ a lot. By the way, sequels may be even more interesting, than the first versions.

Let’s see what famous sequels of slots we may play today at online casinos. The most famous sequels are, perhaps, Tomb Raider and Secret of the Sword released by Microgaming. The first slot was devoted to Lara Croft adventures, and it won all hearts. It’s a branded slot based on a video game by Eidos Interactive. A bit later its sequel saw the world, which showed absolutely new adventures of Lara Croft. There Microgaming company put a stress on animation of symbols and on a bonus game, which is absolutely different from the first Lara Croft slot.

It was Microgaming, but a real master of online casino slot sequels is Rival Gaming. It has a whole range of i-slots with sequels, which are in fashion of many casino players. Reel Crime, Cosmic Quest, As the Reels Turn are the slots with sequels, which can be played at Rival online casinos. There is a difference between them, but all main specific features remain. So Reel Crime is about Bank Robbery, while Reel Crime is about Art Robbery. Cosmic Quest Episode 1 is devoted to Mission, and Episode 2 tells about unusual Planets.

There are also famous Christmas online casino slot sequels, which are now in great demand. Realtime Gaming software provider introduced three slots devoted to the constant battle between Santa and his overworked reindeer Rudolph, who excited a riot. The first slot of three was released in 2008 and it was called Rudolph’s Revenge. The second appeared next year before Christmas and its name was Santa Strikes Back. This year RTG online casinos made us happy by presenting the third slot of this series called Return of Rudolph. We can judge even by the name, who holds a victory each time. They are all different by certain features, such as payouts, number of paylines and bonus games, but a topic of a battle keeps along each of three slots.

Sure, new sequels are round the corner, and next year we’ll be able to enjoy playing the games, where we will see the continuation of our favorite stories.

New US online gaming association established

A sluck period for online casinos in the USA after mid-term November elections was at last broken. Yesterday it was announced about establishing of new organization called The US Online Gaming Association (USOGA). This body was formed by major American gambling operators, who decided to unite their forces to withstand the decisions of the government and to defend the rights of online casino players.

It was quiet a long period, when both parties kept complete silence about the possible unravelling of the plot. However, it was clear with the Republicans holding a victory that the legalization of online casinos in the USA was put to the doldrums again. Quick promoting of Barney Frank’s bill was blocked, as the majority of Republicans are speaking for keeping money transactions between online casinos and players at the territory of the country out of law.

The necessity of redoubling the efforts to push the idea about legalizing online casinos and establishing necessary regulation in the sphere was necessary. Poker Players Alliance and iMEGA was not enough, as the first body deals mainly with problems in poker industry, and the second one is involved in dealing with various problems.

The opening of USOGA was held at the ICE expo, where its head Melanie Brenner, the former executive director of the Poker Voters of America, spoke about the aims of the body and the importance of its establishment. She also confirmed, that PKR, Sportingbet and Secured American Games were the first companies, which provided with necessary financial and technical support. She also promised that the names of major co-founders of USOGA will be revealed the next week.

Malcolm Graham, chief executive of PKR, also took the floor at the meeting. He put a stress on the success of similar organizations like the Remote Gaming Association (RGA) and European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) in Europe. For example, in Europe certain countries have come to the conclusion to make online casinos legal. Perhaps, it will be a way for the USA to follow. He also added that a collective voice may really help to deliver the message.

By the way, it was also announced at the meeting about the establishing of another organization American Institute for iGaming (AIIG). Its main objective is to educate and advocate for online gambling in the USA. The executive director of AIIG will be Bill Pascrell III, who was a lobbyist for New Jersey bill, introduced by Senator Ray Lesniak. And the success of the bill, which is now under consideration of the Governor, is another example, that online casinos in the USA may become legal.

Online tournaments for St. Valentines Day at Online Vegas casino

Main tournament at Online Vegas casino is for St. Valentines Day this month. The holiday is just around the corner, so it’s right time to discuss what is on the offer. The day is all about love, and so is the tournament. By the way, 60 players have already registered to take part in St Valentines Day tournament. So let’s find out the details of the event.

The tournament at an online casino will run from February, 14 till February, 18, so there will be enough time to become one of winners. It’s a guaranteed freeroll, what makes the tournament much more attractive for casino players. As a matter of fact, it’s the only tournament of the month, where you can participate without a necessity to wager. Therefore, the number of participants is gonna be big. Good news is an opportunity to re-buy for just $5.75. The number of re-buys is 2,500.  football sports bets

The prize pool is also attractive, as it’s $25,000 guaranteed. Top 100 winners will divide the sum, and traditionally first two winners will carry away the biggest prizes. $7,500 for the first place, and $5,000 for the second. Not so bad, isn’t it? We suppose that it’s worth taking part in such a competition and to try to get the biggest prize there.

What about the game? Cupid’s Arrow slot was specially chosen for St. Valentines Day online casino tournament. It’s a slot about love with pink color pervading the reels. There you will discover plenty of “love” things, as main symbols are kisses, chocolates, and roses. Cupid is a wild symbol, which substitutes missing ones to make a complete combination. Moreover, five Cupids in one active payline brings a fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins. This is important, as it may help you to become a winner.

Other online casinos, powered by Vegas Technology, such as VIP Slots casino invite also to take part in Quick Slot tournaments on February, 14. VIP Slots casino will held four short competitions, devoted also to St. Valentines Day. They will run at 12.00 PM, 3.30 PM, 7.00 PM and 10.30 PM. Each tourney lasts for just a half of an hour, and it makes the process even more exciting. The prize pool is not guaranteed there, so the bigger the number of players, the better,

Slot chosen for these short tournaments is Dr. Love, which tells about feelings between a doctor and a nurse. This is also a very interesting game, which will leave no one indifferent. By the way, the entry fee is just 2 bucks. Good Luck!

Two new sports slot machines for American casino players

Sport is one of the most popular themes for online casino slots. It can be proved by the fact that two famous American software providers released two sports slot machines last week. Rival Gaming offered A Day at the Derby slot devoted to horse racing, and Realtime Gaming with best online roulette turned its steps to NBA basketball season and released Basketbull slot.

A Day at the Derby slot, designed for US online casinos powered by Rival, creates perfect horse racing atmosphere thanks to excellent graphics at the background and accurate choice of symbols. The reels of the game are set inside a race track, and when they spin, they become transparent, so that a player can enjoy picturesque views. The symbols also correspond to the theme of horse racing. So players will meet roses and the trophy given to the winner, the male and female race goers, horse shoes, cold drink, binoculars, betting slip, jockeys and horses. Together with excellently animated video clips a player feels like he is a real participant of horse racing competitions. blackjack online

Exciting features of A Day at the Derby slot are also wild symbol, free spins, a bonus game at the second screen and a jackpot. Wild symbol is a brown horse, which appears on the reels 1,2 and 3 only. Green jockey is a jackpot symbol, which gives a maximum fixed payout of 2,500 coins. Blue jockey is a free spins feature, which activates 5, 10 and 20 spins depending on how much symbols appear at the screen. Bonus game is fabulous here, as it takes a player deep into the course of the events. He may choose one of three horses, which will take part in the racing and the amount of the payout depends on the position the horse will occupy.

As for the Basketbull slot, it has direct connection with Chicago Bulls team, which is extremely popular in the USA. This sports slot machine is done in a comic way, as the characters are animals. Main character is definitely depicted as a bull, which can twirl a ball on his finger. It is a professional basketball player, who brings a fixed jackpot of 10,000 coins and acts as a wild symbol as well. There is also a scatter, which is an animated basketball. Among other interesting symbols you will discover a cow as a cheerleader, bulldog as a coach and ram as a referee.

The most interesting feature about Basketbull slot developed by RTG is free spins. When special free spin symbols appear at the reels, a player gets three free spins. However, this amount can be increased up to 96 max. For each basketball symbol at the reels appearing during free spins a player gets an opportunity to make a free throw. Each successful throw doubles the number of free spins.

And another feature, which is characteristic of all RTG slot machines, is random jackpot. Two such jackpots can be received during the game. They can be won after every spin, and it makes the game even more fascinating.

So, whether you are a fan of sport games or not, you will enjoy playing A Day at the Derby and Basketbull slot machines.

Veto put on New Jersey online casino bill

New Jersey online casino bill is vetoed by Governor Chris Christie. It was not what online gambling world hoped for, but it doesn’t come up as a surprise. Almost all specialists predict the result, but it was very interesting to find out what reasons Governor will find to comment on the decision.
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You remember that New Jersey casino bill S490 was introduced a year ago by Senator Ray Lesniak. The bill aimed at making legal online gambling at the territory of the state had good chances and the objective was almost reached, but Republican Governor Christ Christie made its own decision about full veto, and such reasons as budget deficit and losses of Atlantic City casinos didn’t help.

Governor praised all the intentions of the supporters of the bill, but explained that it doesn’t fit with the laws in New Jersey. The matter is that casino gambling should be restricted to the territorial limits of Atlantic City, but the bill will allow playing at US online casinos at the territory of the whole state. Though the bill S490 requires to place servers in Atlantic City, it doesn’t mean that all others won’t have an access to the sites. The Governor commented on it, “In my view, the creation of legal fiction deeming all wagers to have ‘originated’ in Atlantic City cannot overcome the clear and unambiguous language of the state Constitution.”

There were another reasons cited by Chris Christie about the bill S490. Among them he pointed out on the revenue, the part of which may go to subsidizing horse racing industry. He explained that he wanted to make it self-contained without any help from the state budget. He also underlined, that the supporters of the bill didn’t consider the losses of the bars, hotels and different pubs.

Anyway, the representatives of online gambling business, including Joe Brennan Jr. of iMEGA and Democratic Senator Raymond Lesniak, were disappointed. They expected that the bill wouldn’t be signed, but they hoped for not an absolute veto. They together have even discussed that they would re-introduce the bill again until they reach the aims. However, now it seems impossible. But Ray Lesniak doesn’t give up, “I look forward to working with Governor Christie and his administration in order to get Internet wagering up and running as soon as possible. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our grasp.”

Perhaps, the other state will become the first state with legal online casinos in the USA, or they will be legalized on a national level.