A sluck period for online casinos in the USA after mid-term November elections was at last broken. Yesterday it was announced about establishing of new organization called The US Online Gaming Association (USOGA). This body was formed by major American gambling operators, who decided to unite their forces to withstand the decisions of the government and to defend the rights of online casino players.

It was quiet a long period, when both parties kept complete silence about the possible unravelling of the plot. However, it was clear with the Republicans holding a victory that the legalization of online casinos in the USA was put to the doldrums again. Quick promoting of Barney Frank’s bill was blocked, as the majority of Republicans are speaking for keeping money transactions between online casinos and players at the territory of the country out of law.

The necessity of redoubling the efforts to push the idea about legalizing online casinos and establishing necessary regulation in the sphere was necessary. Poker Players Alliance and iMEGA was not enough, as the first body deals mainly with problems in poker industry, and the second one is involved in dealing with various problems.

The opening of USOGA was held at the ICE expo, where its head Melanie Brenner, the former executive director of the Poker Voters of America, spoke about the aims of the body and the importance of its establishment. She also confirmed, that PKR, Sportingbet and Secured American Games were the first companies, which provided with necessary financial and technical support. She also promised that the names of major co-founders of USOGA will be revealed the next week.

Malcolm Graham, chief executive of PKR, also took the floor at the meeting. He put a stress on the success of similar organizations like the Remote Gaming Association (RGA) and European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) in Europe. For example, in Europe certain countries have come to the conclusion to make online casinos legal. Perhaps, it will be a way for the USA to follow. He also added that a collective voice may really help to deliver the message.

By the way, it was also announced at the meeting about the establishing of another organization American Institute for iGaming (AIIG). Its main objective is to educate and advocate for online gambling in the USA. The executive director of AIIG will be Bill Pascrell III, who was a lobbyist for New Jersey bill, introduced by Senator Ray Lesniak. And the success of the bill, which is now under consideration of the Governor, is another example, that online casinos in the USA may become legal.