New Jersey online casino bill is vetoed by Governor Chris Christie. It was not what online gambling world hoped for, but it doesn’t come up as a surprise. Almost all specialists predict the result, but it was very interesting to find out what reasons Governor will find to comment on the decision.
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You remember that New Jersey casino bill S490 was introduced a year ago by Senator Ray Lesniak. The bill aimed at making legal online gambling at the territory of the state had good chances and the objective was almost reached, but Republican Governor Christ Christie made its own decision about full veto, and such reasons as budget deficit and losses of Atlantic City casinos didn’t help.

Governor praised all the intentions of the supporters of the bill, but explained that it doesn’t fit with the laws in New Jersey. The matter is that casino gambling should be restricted to the territorial limits of Atlantic City, but the bill will allow playing at US online casinos at the territory of the whole state. Though the bill S490 requires to place servers in Atlantic City, it doesn’t mean that all others won’t have an access to the sites. The Governor commented on it, “In my view, the creation of legal fiction deeming all wagers to have ‘originated’ in Atlantic City cannot overcome the clear and unambiguous language of the state Constitution.”

There were another reasons cited by Chris Christie about the bill S490. Among them he pointed out on the revenue, the part of which may go to subsidizing horse racing industry. He explained that he wanted to make it self-contained without any help from the state budget. He also underlined, that the supporters of the bill didn’t consider the losses of the bars, hotels and different pubs.

Anyway, the representatives of online gambling business, including Joe Brennan Jr. of iMEGA and Democratic Senator Raymond Lesniak, were disappointed. They expected that the bill wouldn’t be signed, but they hoped for not an absolute veto. They together have even discussed that they would re-introduce the bill again until they reach the aims. However, now it seems impossible. But Ray Lesniak doesn’t give up, “I look forward to working with Governor Christie and his administration in order to get Internet wagering up and running as soon as possible. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our grasp.”

Perhaps, the other state will become the first state with legal online casinos in the USA, or they will be legalized on a national level.